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Theological Conversations Japan, 1996, from the series ‘The Funny and Sad Adventures of Foolish Pastor’.

The 12 pastors search for a fashion teacher in Paris: a performance at two locations, starting at The Louvre and ending at Palais de Tokyo, during Paris Fashion Week Men’s (2019).

The performance was conceived in collaboration with Vadim Zakharov for Middle Plane’s second edition. It follows the concept Zakharov has exploited since 1994, first through the magazine Pastor Journal, and its editing house Pastor Zond Editions, and later through a series of works where the artist himself played the character of a pastor.

Traveling the world dressed in a cassock, the artist explored the changes in his personal perception, changes which were happening to him and those around him as he dressed in pastoral clothing – investigating the system of references initiated by the cassock, traveling the world, and engaging in encounters with different people during an extended period of time.

June 20th, 2019, 11:00am from the Louvre to Palais de Tokyo.

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From Middle Plane issue no. 2: Vadim Zakharov