Issue No. 6 by Yoshitomo Nara
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Middle Plane Issue No. 6 is a collaboration with Yoshitomo Nara, the celebrated Japanese artist is an internationally renowned pioneer in contemporary art.

This issue explores the rarely seen personal side of Nara's practice, as well as the recurring presence of children and the powerful influence they have had upon his work.

Middle Plane's contributors went to Japan and beyond to tell the story of Nara and his artistic themes.

Issue includes Fumiko Imano (with her imaginary twin) visiting Nara and the Kunamitsu kids, the legendary fashion street magazine FRUiTSJack Day, The Row by Letty SchmiterlowClémentine Schneidermann with the teenagers of Wales, Osamu Yokonami recreating his signature children's portraiture, Rinko Kawauchi, TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist by Takashi Homma and more.

336 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2022