Issue No. 3 by Maggi Hambling
Uncaptioned image.

Maggi’s Mag is a collaboration between Middle Plane magazine and British artist Maggi Hambling creating a dialogue between art and fashion. The issue reads as a visual interview made up of photo series presented in a non-linear format that sheds light on the artist in varied ways – at times intimidating and confrontational, at others generous and humorous. From drawing on her vices and behaviors to exploring the unusual juxtaposition of fashion and art, the editorials include a series of intimate photographs of Hambling, cinematic stills Inspired by her love of the sea, a series that draws on her penchant for meringues, and a study on form inspired by Maggi’s life drawings.   

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Contributors: Juergen Teller, Sam Rock, Isabelle Wenzel, Paul Kooiker, Katie Burnett, James Cahill, Marlborough Gallery and more.

176pp, 240 ×315 mm, 

softcover, 2020