The Bundle
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Middle Plane is proud to present a special edition bundle for an exclusive price. The pack includes the first six issues of the magazine:

Middle Plane Issue No. 0, on process. Contributors: Paul Kooiker, Hugo Comte, A.I.R Gallery, Betye Saar, Nicolai Howalt, Xavier Mas. 292 pp, 270 × 200 mm, softcover, 2018.

Middle Plane Issue No. 1, on Vadim Zakharov. Contributors: Mark Peckmezian, Charlie Engman, Peter PuklusUdo Kittelmann, Tim Gutt, David Elliot. 208 pp, 220 × 280 cm, softcover, 2019.

Middle Plane Issue No. 2, on Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Contributors: Charlie EngmanBenjamin Lennox, Adrian Samson, Jenna Westra, Alexis Roche, Pat Boguslawski, Lyson Marchessault and more. Brown cardboard envelope with self adhesive closure, white silkscreen,293 × 373 mm, 2020.

Middle Plane Issue No. 3, on Maggi Hambling. Contributors: Juergen Teller, Sam Rock, Isabelle Wenzel, Paul KooikerKatie Burnett, James Cahill, Marlborough Gallery and more. 176 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2020.

Middle Plane Issue No. 4, on Christo & Jeanne-Claude. Contributors: Duane Michals, Camille Waddington, Takashi Homma, Wolfgang Volz, Jack DayYohji Yamamoto by William Waterworth and Hannes Hetta, Ilya Lipkin, Chanel beauty story by Thom Walker, Suffo Moncloa, Kenzo by Jet Swan and Agata Belcen, Nigel Shafran and more.276 pp,240 × 315 mm, softcoverGRA board, 2021.   

Middle Plane Issue No. 5, on David Hockney. 
Contributors: Anthony Turner, Bottega Veneta by Blommers & Schumm, Bruno Wollheim, Ilya Lipkin, archival Martin Parr, Paul Elliman, Roe Ethridge, Sam Rock and Will Scarborough.232 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2022.